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“Narcissus Gets Married" a mythological narrative poem from Joanne Bugeja's book

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"Narcissus Gets Married” is taken from the book named Daughter of The Sun And The Moon.

This poem narrates "an elaborate same-sex wedding, a profound betrayal and a grief-stricken groom driven to extreme measures culminating in a spine-chilling crime of passion."

Narcissus Gets Married

It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. He'd certainly been dreaming about it for as long as he could remember. Little did he know that unforeseen events would cast s menacing shadow over their conjugal bliss.

The sharp spear of betrayal was looming in the distance and tragedy would soon ensue.

Narcissus ensured that everything was planned to perfection from the choice of floral arrangements, deluxe chocolate fountain, elegant fine crystal ware, extravagant ice sculptures, uniquely tailored designer tuxedos made from premium Italian fabrics, tasteful wedding music, sumptuous platters, free flowing vintage Dom Perignon. No expense was spared. It had all the ingredients of a regal, fairytale wedding.

Narcissus was going to get married to Kristoph under the full moon with the floors covered in pale blue and pink silk rose petals. They'd exchange their vows beneath a beautiful wedding gazebo overlooking the calm moonlit sea. He'd make his most elegant arrival walking down the red carpet beneath a silver chandelier amid floating heart shaped candles and soft romantic music playing in the background.

Alas the plan executed to perfection was about to run amuck. While Narcissus was reciting his vows to his beloved, pledging his undying loyalty and everlasting love as he looked longingly into Kristoph's sparkling blue eyes, the latter spotted Ferdinand, a dishevelled young waiter 20 years his junior and was immediately enraptured by his emerald green eyes, tousled black hair and pale skin. When it was Kristoph's turn to say his vows, he suddenly became dismissive and robotic. His former enthusiasm was replaced by ritualistic, obligatory compliance. Narcissus and Kristoph were about to drink a specially concocted Eternal Life elixir which would turn the drinker immortal, thus enabling them to be together forever.

However, Kristoph didn't keep his end of the deal and double-crossed Narcissus. He stole the mystical elixir and ran away with Ferdinand, shattering Narcissus's heart. Narcissus stood there motionless for a split second, frozen in awe. He barely noticed his chunky hot tears pooling in his dreamy ocean coloured eyes, bathing his pretty pink cheeks. He doubled over in pain, clutching at his chest and sank to his knees, trembling uncontrollably. He watched incredulously as Kristoph snuck off with his lover without as much as a single glance. Narcissus buried his face in his hands and sobbed heavily in despair.

Narcissus’ tears soon turned to seething rage and he vowed vengeance against his runaway groom and his young lover, Ferdinand who had betrayed him so callously. Upon finding out about their getaway, he crept in under the guise of a vagabond and kidnapped Ferdinand.

He tied him to a sycamore tree where he and Kristoph had shared their very first kiss and engaged in a game of torture, laughing mercilessly as Ferdinand winced in pain, his eyes frozen in terror as he pleaded helplessly for his life. Having stabbed him repeatedly with a survival knife, Narcissus untied him and dragged him over to a gravesite, where he started digging frantically as though possessed by some force beyond him. His blue eyes gleamed wickedly as he buried Ferdinand alive.

Grief stricken Narcissus, driven mad by the merciless clutch of heartbreak, hunted down Kristoph. He gazed deeply into Kristoph’s deep cerulean eyes one last time and ripped his heart out with his bare hands. Little did Kristoph know that before burying his lover, Narcissus shoved the magical liquor into Ferdinand’s mouth so he would remain alive forever, trapped under ground. Narcissus drank Kristoph’s blood heartily in a sacrificial ritual. It was his final act of intimacy and his farewell to one so formerly beloved.

Blood dripped from Narcissus’ trembling fingers, cascading into a dark burgundy pool beneath his feet as he clutched Kristoph’s bleeding heart into his hands but the need to wash them was strangely absent. He caught a glimpse of a pack of hungry wolves approaching in the distance, their mouths salivating. As they drew closer, he threw Kristoph’s heart to them and ran into the woods, his shadow dissolving into the night.

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