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Neville Sultana

Welcome Neville, thank you for being with us and sharing your story.

"I want the whole world to embrace itself into one big hug of acceptance. There is already enough hatred and loneliness in our society, I don't want to add more and by showing my beautiful true colours I will hopefully empower and inspire the ones who truly need it.

I have issues, a lot of them; body issues, suppressed emotions, inhibitions and certain events in my past that I am not that proud of among others. Despite all of this, I try to be happy and spread happiness as much as possible. When I came out it was not easy, and till this day the situation is not the best but I deal with it. The “what the others are going to say” mentality keeps me away from some people that I love and appreciate. Not being straight, make up, clothes and nails are keeping me from getting close to this important man in my life and it hurts a lot. I just wish he would accept me and not think about what the others are going to say. Things have been worse but they are not the best either. Thankfully I have friends and a few relatives who push me to be authentically myself as well as appreciate my artistry and courage. Once a friend of mine told me that she mentioned me to a friend of hers who was struggling with their gender and sexuality and showed them that bisexuality and a fluidity in gender representation is a thing and that apparently I am living evidence. This event in my life totally made what I believe in and practise stronger and lit a flame in me that no one will be able to extinguish - not anytime soon, at least!

To anyone who is going through a similar situation; I am proud of you and I feel for you - life is not easy at times, but hold on and take care of yourself. This is my message - love, tolerance and authenticity before anything!"

- Neville

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