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NOITU: The story of the couple behind the party 🌈

Today we’re sharing the story of this sweet and brave couple who traveled thousands of miles and kindly agreed to share it with us. For personal reasons the interested parties requested to remain anonymous.

“So, it all started about two years ago. We are both Asian foreigners living in Europe so the differences in cultures are huge and we are kinda a mix of both. Unfortunately, in the society we have more interaction with and have been raised in, they are not well educated about LGBTQ+ community and the majority doesn’t accept it. The society is quite conservative, very close-minded, and in our families, we are even told that it is a disease.

Me personally, I identify as queer trans male, currently I am pre-surgery and pre-T and I am still in the closet, few of my close friends know but that’s all. I figured out about myself when I was quite young, I just tried to fit in and I did pretty well, so some of my family and friends would take it hard to know my true self. When I met her though, it’s like the answer became clear all of a sudden, “Nothing is wrong with me, I like her and I’m gonna ask her out”, and so I did. My girlfriend had never dated a queer person, so she was pretty unsure and we remained just friends for about a year. Our relationship developed in a such natural way that I cannot tell a specific point in time when we started dating, it just happened eventually and here we are, one year of dating, two years knowing each other.

That’s not the happy ending though, we had lot of troubles being together as a closeted couple. Normal things such as holding hands in public have always been quite hard for us, we saw each other once a week or every two weeks, her family constantly asking about her and boys, they even suggest them to her, and she couldn’t reject right away. We always say “Love the moment don’t worry about what will happen”, which is nice but, for me, a relationship without a destination will get to the end point soon. I know that for her being with someone else would be much easier and, actually, 99% more possible.

But there’s still a 1%, that 1% that keeps me going and I want her to bet on that 1% too. That’s why we chose Malta as a destination for our first vacation together, I want her to see how seriously I want this with her and how much I’m willing to give to make her happy. Malta is super LGBT friendly, filled with beautiful sights and landscapes and, most importantly, Maltese people are the nicest! Thanks to them I am able to set up a secret birthday party for her, which is still a work in progress, but without them I would have never even been able to start it. We will be able to be ourselves on the streets, kissing like other happy couples, holding hands and simply be happy.

I hope you all find the one for you and take the 1% you find to stay with your loved one.

Thank you reading our story, and if you are in Malta, please join us in Valletta on the 26th of July for the secret party I’ve organized for her. The entrance is free and the venue is Maori Bar.”

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