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I’ve always been a fond user of social media, and regardless of the countless theories and articles about the endless downsides of it, including the somewhat downfall of social life as we used to know it (which is portrayed brilliantly in this episode of Black Mirror) – I still find that social media, in the end, is what you make of it.

For me, it started out pre-facebook with an online gay dating site which was my only window into a gay world, as I was quite literally the only gay in the village I grew up in. My very first safe-place was my own room, my kingdom from where I ruled the internet as I would sit countless nights waiting for the MSN avatar of my online soulmates (yes, plural) turn from red to green, and see a long anticipated message finally tick in.

This is a somewhat fascinating generation to have been born into. I feel privileged to have seen social media evolve from single intriguing mind-boggling instantaneous 28.8 kb/s connections across the globe, to the full-blown always-online life that we live today.

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