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Pub Meet-Up on International Lesbian Visibility Day

On the Occasion of International Lesbian Visibility Day - Friday 26 April 2019, LGBTQ+ Friends & Allies are welcome to join us for a Pub Meet-Up at Smudge's The Falcon Bar (Bugibba). From 20.00hrs

Appetisers will be offered!

Since 2008, every April 26th, the lesbian visibility day is celebrated around the world in order to demand equal rights for all lesbians.

This movement was born from the LGBT movements in Spain as part of their visibility activities, based on the position lesbians were having in society and public spaces.

As the years went by, LGBT movements have requested governmental institutions to promote equality and stop discrimination toward women and lesbians.

The way they are doing it is by asking lesbians to show themselves without fear and to become a positive social reference which will bring down prejudices and stereotypes established by society towards them.

Unfortunately, nowadays, different countries and societies can make you feel part of a double minority: one for being a woman, and the other for being lesbian. These facts push back lesbian visibility because there promote instead fear of being rejected, fired, or harassed. Taking this aside, it's important to know that visibility is important for societies to keep moving forward.

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