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Ranked: These are the most and least LGBT+ friendly travel countries

The latest Spartacus Gay Travel Index has rated 202 countries around the world and given a separate rating of each US state.

In the country index, Canada, #Malta and Sweden top the list as first equals. Meanwhile the UK is fifth equal, Australia 18th equal. And the US is quite far down the list at 31st equal, behind Taiwan and South Africa.

By contrast Chechnya, which has targeted LGBT+ people with secret roundups, torturing them in concentration camps and murdering some, is bottom of the list in 202nd place.

Spartacus also provides a separate index of the 50 states of the US and Washington DC. In that list, California comes out top, closely followed by New York and Nevada.

Meanwhile the index ranks Ohio at the bottom of its list in 51st place.

Comment by Allied Rainbow Communities:

Wish we could share these results in happier times. Malta places 1st in the Spartacus LGBT+ travel ranking!

Though we cannot dispute the inclusive laws and general welcoming/safety factors that Malta has to offer (which are essential), the LGBTQ+ community (both visiting and local) still feels there is a lack of LGBT-oriented venues and facilities that could definitely improve the experience

These include: - A Coffee Shop - Drag Cabarets - Beaches & Spas - Other Entertainment

Nevertheless, Malta's community is lucky to have a number of organisers and individuals that are coming up with various events on a weekly basis

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