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Self-Pleasure, Self-Love: Raising the Bar

Our 2nd online discussion as part of the Friday Night Fever Series is entitled 'Self-pleasure, self-love: Raising the bar on how you want to be loved'

Veronica Vazeri, gender communication educator and certified relationship coach, will be leading the session, which will be facilitated by Francesca Vella.

The following are a few of the topics that will be explored:

- loving yourself as a means of setting expectations on how you want to be loved by others

- learning to accept your flaws and working on loving yourself as you are; your partner or anyone who comes into your life will be able to see that, and you will be in a much better position to define your relationship

- but this doesn’t necessarily have to be about attracting a partner: you definitely can have an incredible, mind-blowing, deeply fulfilling sexual relationship with your own self

- self-pleasure as a means of building self-love and confidence

- discovering and embodying your sexuality has the ability to attract your ideal partner

- nobody is perfect, not you, not them, not anyone, but learning to be your ideal self is the starting point for meeting your ideal partner

- What about masturbation while you’re in a relationship? Can masturbation bring you more pleasure during partnered sex?

- Should you also take note of the negative effects? There is nothing wrong with masturbating in a relationship, but it is critical that you find balance – talk to your partner and open a dialogue

- being prepared to compromise, being open to other people’s flaws and being open to change

- communicating effectively with your partner or someone you just met (exploring online dating: the Covid-19 situation provides the perfect opportunity to do so)

- providing support to your partner, especially during tough times such as the current situation we’re going through

- your relationship can be whatever you want it to be; there are no rules as to how relationships should operate; only the people in the relationship can define it

Join us for this discussion via ZOOM:

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