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Survival in the time of Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I am all in hope that this text will not be understood as being happy for disasters that many are finding themselves in because of direct or indirect consequences of the outbreak of Coronavirus; nor I wish to be seeming indifferent towards those who are suffering from the virus.

Yet, I can’t but feeling that because of this crisis, I am able to do many things I have not managed to find time for previously. This really makes think profoundly about my priorities, my lifestyle, and to make some decisions which put myself in the front row.

Because of Coronavirus, I can be more human, I feel I have enough sympathy and compassion to feel the pain of every suffering person on earth (not only from the virus).

Because of Coronavirus, I can feel the stress of the people I work with every day, to jump for their support, fight for their wellbeing, showing them my care and be there for them even from distance

Because of Coronavirus, I became more social, not on social media which I found myself decreasing my activity on its platform; but through direct personal chat with the group of friends whom i have been neglecting because other selfish matters took my priority. Yes am not ashamed to admit that I used to prefer to engage in a sexual encounter than spend an hour on video call with a friend.

Because of Coronavirus, I finally spend days with myself: something I never imagined myself capable of doing. I have always taken that as an excuse why I would take stuff that makes me forget loneliness. Now that loneliness is a safe space it doesn’t seen toxic or scary and opening windows for creativity, expansion of my mind’s horizon and allowing me to think differently. I have tried to speak to myself lately calmly and with attention, I came to connect with my inner pain and my trust issues. I came to doubt so many perceptions I always thought were natural.

Because of Coronavirus, I sleep at night, and active within my home during the day. I engage with productivity at work (from home), in cleaning, rearranging the house, the backyard to make it the space I always wanted: my comfort zone.

Because of Coronavirus, I am slowing down my pace so I would be able to jump higher when it is the time to. To seize the opportunity when I see it coming from a distance.

Because of Coronavirus I feel I want to live the moment before living the obsession of the future. I feel part of this planet including its wildlife which we have proudly destroyed to build up our brutal example of capitalism that abused both humans and animals. Whether we like it or not, it is a fact that our human survival and well being is directly related to saving the planet. If we keep destroying the natural habitats and wildlife for the sake of urbanism we will be inviting the vast world of viruses to live with us.

Moussa Hammoud

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