The emerging pop artist from Malta we should all be keeping an eye out

Updated: Feb 13

Ryan Caruana may not ring any bells to many people; he has not been on any X Factor auditions or launched his work in any grand, over-the-top marketing ploy. He has a low-key following on social media but BOY he's talented!

Ryan Caruana has been on our radar for quite a bit now and following him intently on his next moves. In his latest single 'Blue Eyes', Ryan unashamedly describes his lover, who is a guy.

It is still a rare occurrence in 2019 for pop artists to reveal their queer identity at the start of their career in the music industry and he has all our admiration for that!

The single Blue Eyes is current, catchy and deserves to be played on every radio station whilst we all sing to it at the top of our lungs!

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter released Blue Eyes following Polaroid and Next to You and you can listen to it on most platforms:

Also, go follow his inst @ryanccaruana