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Trihanna Wildé - Malta's emerging drag super star just snatched our wig with 'Kwarantina'

Updated: May 12

Photo Credits: Instagram @trihanna_wilde @chuckybartolo

Malta's drag scene is getting a much needed revival! Even during the times of Rona, a couple of drag artists are killing it and entertaining us with comedy, impromptu make-up live sessions and original music videos!

We're talking about Chucky and Trihanna Wildé!

Both artists have evolved drastically in the past couple of years since their debut as Drag Personas. They give us more than just lip-syncing and lewks! They serve us sass, wit, creativity and so much more.

In their first collaboration, Malta is now proud to have an original music video sung by a Drag Queen, lyrics and all, with a very topical issue: Corona Virus!

In her facebook post she stated:

Once again I had to deliver the News from home, this time we hired a weather girl, Chucky 🌧, although she's new and paint slits in her brows to 'even' them out, she's able to throw shade faster than the spread of Ms. Rona. 🦠
Speaking of, this video is another reminder to stay safe and inside as much as possible, so together we send Ms. Rona packing after Dahlia Sin 😬
Hope you enjoy this trying to be music video and kindly follow and support any form of talent in anyway you can to keep us going 🖤
I would like to thank ZIJA TT for giving permission to use her recording, support and follow her social media platform.

You need to watch it in its entirety to appreciate the mastery and skill involved!

If our memory serves us right, the last time we had something of the sort was by Jo Zette Ta' Bomba 12 years ago!

Well done Trihanna Wildé & Chucky and wish you all the sucess! If you appreciate their work, please tip these artists on their Revolut @tristarf1& @andrewt5i

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