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Users of Grindr in Malta share their horrible experiences to help you avoid making the same mistakes

Users of the app Grindr are being advised to take precaution and be informed in order to avoid a number of potentially dangerous or unsafe instances.

Allied Rainbow Communities has received reports from its members of alarming situations that are causing harm to well-meaning users of Grindr. We are sharing the following cases, with the hope of averting such situations from happening again.

Searching for a Room / Apartment

There have been cases where users looking for a room over Grindr, ended-up in possessive and controlling relationships without even knowing! We advise users to avoid making informal or verbal lease agreements and if you're leasing from another Grindr user, express clearly where the boundaries lie.

Bareback Sex Only

Bareback Sex (condom-less anal sex) may be your thing but it so happens that the risk of getting HIV from someone over Grindr who is only looking for such can be highly risky. Unless you're on PrEP, avoid at all costs engaging in casual and anonymous bareback sex. Please note that PrEP will only prevent you from getting HIV but you may still be at risk of getting other forms of STDs.

PrEP on-demand in Orgies

There has been misinformation going around by certain people who engage in orgies stating that if you take a PrEP pill (or two) before and after you engage in an orgy, you will be fine. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE! If you are not taking PrEP on a daily basis, please consult the GU Clinic.

Do you have other experiences that you would like to share with the community at large? You can do so in confidence by emailing us on

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