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12 Maltesers who have been gracing us with amazing make-up transformations during COVID19

Partial lockdown in Malta has given us much time to make banana bread and dalgona coffee to share on our social media. Some of us, however, have dedicated this period to share their passion for make-up. For such a small country like Malta, we are proud to exhibit 12 individuals from our community who have stunned us with their looks.

We're also aware someone, belonging to the evangelical christian community, has condemned boys who wear make-up (amongst other things) and called them to be satan's work. Allied Rainbow Communities stands in solidarity with the below individuals who are brave and true to their calling. We'd rather see boys putting on make-up than pointing guns at each other.

Karl (@karl_nash_mua)

A full time make-up artist by profession working with one of Malta's largest fashion group, Karl dedicates his craft in his free time to serve us with mystic looks pertaining to the children of the night. Douze-point from us! If you're lucky enough to be on his facebook friends list, you're privileged with fits of laughs for his short stories, mostly about his never ending attempts at dieting.

Bernard (@bernmk)

Bernard must be one of the most dedicated MUAs to give us series of themes after themes on his instagram. From celebrity a-likes to zodiac signs and everything else that takes hours and hours of preparation and work! It wasn't the firs time that Bernard's craft was picked up by local media to wow the masses!

Henry Galea (@herigalea)

If you ever need to describe the term 'flawless work' to someone, simply grab any of Henry Galea's creations and you'd have it. No one does perfect lines and blending like him. In addition, his fantastical creations leave everyone in awe. God knows how much commitment and dedication one needs to have to create such work.

Gabe (@gaklonn)

Gabe in real life exhumes vibes of innocence and pure goodness. Give him a brush and a palette and he'll turn into these hauntingly beautiful demonic living works of art. Somehow, it feels like you can read your own destiny every time you look into any of his creations.

Chucky (@chuckybartolo)

Chucky requires no introduction for the local community. We dare say he's one of the most multi-talented drag artists we have on the island and we can't wait to see him in a future RPDR contest. She'd be one FISH of a queen, dishing out one fierce serve after the other.

Josue (@extra_josue)

Josue is one of Malta's brave and upcoming gender-bending drag artists. Unapologetic for his attitude and well, as self-proclaimed, 'extra'! He's definitely growing in his craft and we can't wait to see him perform beyond the confines of his bedroom.

Kim (@blakkvelvet)

Kim is a tattoo artist by day whose alter ego transforms into this sort of Guy Fawkes with much camp! Every since started making an appearance later last year, we've been wig-snatched with every lewk she gave us. We dare say she is amongst the first (if not THE First) cis-woman drag artist in Malta!

Isaiah (@isaiahmuscatofficial)

Isaiah is a talented dancer from Gozo whom, despite his young age, has been pretty much in every continent already dancing for the crowds. In addition, he's a super talented make-up artist and gives us barbie realness every time he puts that brush on his face.

Maya Zammit (@maya_the_mua)

Still under 18, Maya is serving us looks with attitude for days and we're so here for it! You need to check her TikTok too! Those eyes can make you feel like you're being undressed and dressed up again in the attire of her liking.

Tristan (@trihanna_wilde)

Tristan has been recently featured in one of our latest articles for dropping us an original rap maltese music video in full drag as Trihanna Wildé! I mean, what dedication! Tristan turns from this innocent looking boy into a full no non-sense Mama! Truly a talented all-rounder and deserves all the success for putting so much dedication into his craft.

Aidan (@itssheyonce)

Aidan as Sheyonce gives us body-ody-ody. As they say, the finest of things come in small packages, and Sheyonce is one of them!

Neville is a force to reckon with. Their gender expression goes beyond male & female. A goddess of the sea.

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