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MEP Candidates & LGBTQ+ Issues

20 MEP Candidates filled out the Survey sent out by Allied Rainbow Communities to assess their position on a number of measures relevant to the LGBTQ+ Community.

The results may be viewed by clicking on the image below

The survey was sent out on 26 March 2019, to all MEP candidates contesting in Malta. Candidates had until 15 April 2019 to reply to the survey.

In summary

20 Candidates replied:

  • 10 from the Labour Party,

  • 2 from the Democratic Party,

  • 2 Independent,

  • 1 from the Alternattiva Demokratika,

  • 5 from the Nationalist Party.

1 Candidate from the Labour Party was against uplifting the ban on Men who have sex with Men (MSM) to donate blood.

3 Candidates (1 Independent & 2 from the PN) had reservations with regards to issues pertaining to Reproductive Health Services, not against LGBTQ+ equal treatment per se, but on issues such as abortion and surrogacy. ARC has explained in further detail how this measure is understood in line with W.H.O & Amnesty International.

6 Candidates who have filled the survey did not sign the pledge (for more info about the pledge read here) and other candidates who signed the pledge did not fill in this survey.

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