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Let's show some love to the businesses/artists of our LGBTQ+ & ally community

Things are really tough for everybody right now. It seems surreal that only a couple of weeks ago, we worked, we partied, we planned our trips for summer and didn't feel guilty if we overspent for that much needed treat. YOLO right?

With CoVID-19 acting like the meteor that made the dinosaurs extinct, our social lives took a turn for the worst and as a result, every undertaking that makes us thrive as social beings had to shutdown. Understandably, social distancing seems to be the best preventive measure to keep the spread under control and our healthcare system capable to handle new cases.

The consequences are devastating. Employees have been asked to go on unpaid leave or laid off, and many micro to small business as well as artists who depend heavily on social gatherings are forced to shut down.

Many dreams and aspirations are being destroyed right now and our mental wellbeing is surely being put at stake. Now more than ever, we need to support one another and think as a collective rather than as an individual.

For those that are still in business but struggling to branch out their message we want to help! We are putting a list of artists/businesses that have already reached out and boosting this post with a paid ad. However if you want to include yours too, insert your details in the form here!

If you're still getting a pay-check let's help them in the following:

  • If you don't want to attend lessons, consider still paying and making it up later

  • If you're cancelling your bookings, buy a gift certificate now and use it later

  • Tip artists that are streaming live free shows to lighten up our spirits.


Be safe you all and once again we appeal to follow the guidelines of the Health Authorities!

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