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ITALY - Appeal to mayors for the recognition of children of Rainbow Families

Every parent knows that, in addition to love, presence, protection and responsibility towards their daughters and sons, something else is needed to take care of them. Every person's life is also made up of bureaucracy, authorizations, consents, documents. Everything passes through a simple signature, that signature of responsibility today denied to the parent who is not legally recognized.

The lack of recognition of dual parenthood does not deprive parents of rights, it deprives them of minors. Rainbow parents ask only to be able to take on duties towards their sons and daughters.

It is for all of this that the Famiglie Arcobaleno association has promoted a bill that has already passed in Parliament for family equality.

A law written and thought together with Rete Lenford - Advocacy for LGBTI+ rights, which has no political color and which restores equal dignity to all families. A law available to those in Parliament who care about the well-being of many * minors still discriminated against * today.

For too many years politics has looked the other way when it came to recognizing the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. But real history and the squares of these days, once again, tell us that Italy is a better country than those who govern it and that civil society and many mayors and mayors have already been by our side for some time in this battle of civilizations.

DisObbediamo is an appeal that is addressed precisely to the mayors and mayors of this country who have supported our families by recognizing their family identity to our sons and daughters.

But it's also an appeal for all * others and other Prim * citizens * who are willing * to do it from today. We ask them to courageously "disobey", because when the laws are unjust they must be fought.

And we will do it together!

Let's create a wave of civilization across the country, which guarantees equal rights for all * boys and girls from birth.

Let's flood our cities with hope and responsibility, to make it clear... we rainbow families will never take a step back.

Hands off our sons and daughters!

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This post beautifully highlights the importance of legal recognition for all families, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. No parent should be denied the ability to fully care for and protect their children. snake game





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