Thank you for joining us for Un-Believe it LGBTIQ Group Panto Viewing!

We would like to thank our fabulous LGBTIQ group of friends for joining us (arc) yesterday for the MADC Un-Beleive it! Panto. It was a great night out and we really had a blast!

Dame Vera Tasty was fabulous, entertaining, hot, camp, witty, sharp, superb, sex, classy, stunning and obviously Vera Tasty... (are there any more adjectives to describe her?)

We look forward to once again organise the Panto group viewing next year!

We would like to thank MADC for their professional support and assistance and congratulate Alan Montanaro and all the performers for the spectacular evening.

(If you didnt go don't miss out, book your ticket now on

P.S. After yesterday I will be looking at My Nintendo 3DS in a different perspective. (if you were with us yesterday you would understand)

Stay Tuned for our upcoming monthly events, next one is in February...

#panto #arc

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