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Clarity Fashion Show by Mahoney Cremona (MC FASHION)

For most people in our society when it comes describe a GAY person, the first thoughts that come to one's mind are feminine and flamboyant, People who only likes to wear colourful and flashy clothes with glitters and decorative items. Yes there are gay people who likes and love wearing that style and thats fine cause at the end of the day, it's their way of expressing their self and one should respect it. However, not all gay people follow that fashion style as the gay community is a very diverse community.

The aim of this collection is to show to the audience that a gay person is not just about femininity, flamboyance and colours. But gay people who can still look sexy, fun, elegant and masculine.

"From the start I didn't want to use any colourful colours or any type of bombastic decorations in the collection. I immediately wanted to design simple garments and use only black colour for this collection. Black is elegant! Having the elegant part rcovered, the only thing that was left was showing the sexy and fun part that will show a more masculine side of a gay person"

"I came up with the idea of adding transparent material to the black material that I will be using in this collection, so that way I'm turning the garments opposite of the stereotypical gay male stereotype trough a more masculine approach"

Make sure to catch the show on Friday 3rd March more info:

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