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Gay & Lesbian Educators Please can you help?

We received a request from Ryan Sciberras, a student carrying out his University Research Project, We urge you to spare some minutes and help him out in his studies.

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Their true colours: delving into the life of gay and lesbian educators

As part of the dissertation “Their true colours: delving into the life of gay and lesbian educators,” I Ryan G Sciberras under the supervision of Dr. Claire Azzopardi Lane, will be carrying out interviews with gay and lesbians educators in order to study their experiences within the academic framework as well as outside the school premises. These interviews will help the researcher explore the experiences and bring out the realities of gay and lesbian educators who are members of the LGBTIQ community in the current local context.

The interviews will help the researcher investigate the relationships gay and lesbian educators participating in the research hold with their colleagues and staff. You may be asked questions such as:

  • To what extent are you open about your sexual orientation at your workplace?

  • Have you ever experienced homophobia within your work environment?

  • To what extent do your private life and professional life influence one another?

This study ultimately aims at celebrating diversity and individuality by giving a voice to gay and lesbian educators and unveiling their true colours. The interviews will be conducted on a voluntary basis, outside working hours and not at the participant’s work place but in any other location the interviewee prefers in order to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and anonymity. Participants may refuse to answer any of the questions put to them during the interview. They will also be able to withdraw at any time during the interview and the transcript of the interview may be reviewed by the participant to ascertain that they are not recognisable. The participants may also withdraw their consent for participation after the interviews are held.

If you wish to be part of my research project, please contact me,

Ryan G Sciberras on or 99241938

While thanking you for your collaboration I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Kind regards, Ryan

Ryan G Sciberras - EDU/180/16 B.Ed Technical Design and Technology (2014-2018)

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