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Malta Girl Guides to Join Malta Pride to Support the LGBTIQ Community!

This year, the Malta Girl Guides will be supporting the LGBTIQ community by joining the yearly local pride march celebrating love, life and diversity.

With its long history of inclusivity, the MGG’s attendance at this exciting event reinforces the message that Girl Guiding is for all girls. It gives MGG the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people and network with other organisations to ensure Girl Guiding is as inclusive as possible.

The pride event also offers the opportunity to celebrate the brilliant contributions of all our LGBTIQ members, and to reach out to potential volunteers who may not have considered Girl Guiding before.

Equality and Inclusion

MGG respects and values the diversity of its members and of society. As an organisation we believe in being fair, open and inclusive, while still being committed to the concept of a girl only association as offering the best opportunity for the development of girls and women in Malta at present. MGG undertakes its responsibility to comply with equality legislation. As such it is committed to ensuring that no young person or adult is treated less favourably than another on grounds of race, religious belief, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability or socioeconomic status. MGG is committed to prevent any form of discrimination, inequality or denial of equal opportunity, whether direct or indirect against youth members, volunteers, members of management committees and staff. MGG seeks to actively demonstrate its celebration of diversity and its commitment to equality by placing these tenets central to all the policies, processes and procedures of the organization.

Valuing Diversity

MGG believes Guiding should be available to all girls and women based on their acceptance of the promise and law. MGG recognises that each member should be able to maintain her cultural or religious identity without prejudice. Members have a range of abilities and challenges and Guiding provides a nurturing and supportive environment respecting and valuing their individuality.

Attending the pride event strengthens MGG’s policy of being fair, open and inclusive to all those who live their lives as female. It highlights that members and supporters are welcomed irrespective of their faith, race, culture, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Those interested in joining the Girl Guiding movement should get in touch via email address or through the association’s Facebook page. More information about the local Girl Guiding movement is available on

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