Football Frenzy

February's rain has washed down away all the dirt on our roads and the football turf is begging for the sound of rampaging feet! We Are and LGBTI+ Gozo are collaborating to create a fun, a friendly football game (how simply delightful!) at the football ground on the University campus. A minimum of 14 players (7 and 7) are needed but the more the merrier and besides, it's nice to have an audience. Teams will be decided there and then so bring your friends, hetero, LGBTQI+: all people from all the different colours of the rainbow! And don't worry about being skilled, we ain't professional players ourselves! We'll be meeting at 6pm at Quad then head down to the football ground together. Each player must pay a donation of €2.50 and should bring a bottle of water so you remain hydrated. So ladies and gents, tie on your sneakers and pull up your socks. And may the loudest football team win!