#FiveFilms4Freedom: a global LGBTQ+ short-film celebration

The world’s widest-reaching LGBTQ+ digital campaign returns for a fourth edition from 21 March - 1 April 2018.

British Council in partnership with BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival are making five LGBTQ+ themed short films available for the world to watch online for free, over a 12-day period.

The programme, which features work by emerging filmmakers from across the world, has been selected from and coincides with BFI Flare.

Last year, the films were viewed 1.8 million times by people in 202 countries and principalities, including parts of the world where homosexuality is criminalised, and in some cases, punishable by the death penalty.

Watch the films here: https://www.britishcouncil.org/fivefilms4freedom

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