Let's do it Malta teaming up with Malta Pride!

3000 tons of plastic waste is floating on the surface of the #Mediterranean #Sea causing injuries to #turtles, #dolphins and #seabirds 🐢🐬🦆. We are happy to announce that Let's Do It Malta has teamed up with #MaltaPride18 and uniting under the tag #GreenerPride. On the 15th of September 2018 Let's Do It Malta (Get Trashed Malta, Malta Clean Up and The Gaia Foundation) starts the day with a record breaking #cleanup. Later on they will join us for Malta Pride 2018 Parade & Celebrate and hand out 5000 #bamboo #straws to anyone giving them an empty plastic bottle in return! Thank you to our sponsor in common, Gaming Innovation Group, for this awesome initiative! Use the straw during the evening, snap a photo and tag #GreenerPride on social media to help us raise awareness for a cleaner Malta!

#MaltaPride #cleanup