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Christmas. Joy. Sharing. Family.

Christmas, a time for joy, a time for sharing, a time for family. Whether childhood family or chosen family, family is immensely important, especially at this time of year. But for some, now shortly before the Holidays, it’s a time of uncertainty, when maybe some people don’t feel they have a family, maybe can’t travel to be with their family, or will be without family this Christmas for other reasons. At this time, let’s remember that we all have another family, our #Community Family.

We’d like to make sure our Community Family is not just an idea, but is real, alive and active at this special time of year. WE WANT TO BRING COMMUNITY-FAMILY HOSTS AND COMMUNITY FAMILY GUESTS TOGETHER.

We’ll do our part, by providing a confidential matching service. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP - will you be a Community-Family Host or a Community-Family Guest?

If you’ like to be a COMMUNITY - FAMILY HOST, please private message us, starting your message the word HOST, letting us know how many guests you’d like to host and in what format (e.g. drinks, coffee &cake, lunch, dinner…all formats are great!), on what day (Dec. 24 or 25), approximate time (e.g. 14:00–18:00), location and any preferences you have regarding guests (maybe food types, maybe other preferences).

If you’d like to be a COMMUNITY - FAMILY GUEST, please private message us starting your message with the word GUEST and any preferences you may have regarding participation (event type, date, time, location, other preferences).


We’ll get back to each of you with more information on matching and other practicalities.

To get the ball rolling, the arc committee members will be HOSTing six (6) Community-Family Guests on Dec. 25th for Christmas Lunch (14:00 to 18:00). Please join us and let’s do our best to make sure everyone in our individual and joint Communities is with Family this Christmas!

Thanks for considering this initiative and we wish you a great Christmas with Family

The arc committee

Eamonn Gomez

Norman Shaw

Mick Cordina

Nik Troester B

Moussa Hammoud

Clayton Mercieca

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