Coming Home: The Journey through Internalised Homophobia

Coming Home: The Journey through Internalised Homophobia This Seminar will describe the process of coming home as opposed to “coming out”, as a way to highlight the difficulties and challenges for individuals, families, communities facing LGBTQ issues. Coming home is not an event; it is a process that evolves over time, requiring attention, dedication and awareness in order to face one’s own internalised beliefs surrounding sexuality, gender, desire and stereotypes. In this process, we will touch on aspects of internalised homophobia, and how healing can happen when these issues are unpacked and explored. We will explore the ground from which this process may arise, and support attendees to enquire and become aware of their own process of internalised homophobia. Following the Nghidu Kelma tradition, this seminar will feature an interactive portion where the participants can apply the theory to practice and determine how this knowledge can be used with one's clients and work.

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