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Centring Intersex conference.

The Centring Intersex Conference Team is delighted to open registration for the Centring Intersex conference.

Brief overview: Whilst a considerable amount of research has taken place about intersex issues, much of this is located in the global north. The conference will take an international approach, foregrounding voices from the global south as well as the north. The proposed conference will facilitate the ongoing development of an international network of scholars, students, and stakeholders with an interest in supporting intersex people’s equality, wellbeing, and social and economic success. It will generate original knowledge across a range of fields and academic disciplines. The conference will also generate improved policy advice for key stakeholders especially those in policy and practice positions across sectors such as healthcare, education, and social work. For more details please see

Dates of conference: 20-23 February 2023

Format: Virtual to ensure global accessibility

Early stage programme information:

We are thrilled to announce that Emma Smith (Council of Europe) will introduce the conference.

We have two internationally renowned keynote speakers: Mauro Cabral (Global Philanthropy Project),Hiker Chiu (OII Chinese; Intersex Asia)[i].

There will be several panels including:

· Intersex in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia: activist initiatives and vision

· Anglophone American, European and African activists

· Medical Allies

· Scottish Equality Network

· Intersex: New Interdisciplinary Approaches (INIA)

Fae Garland and Mitch Travis are proud to launch their new book

We will have a series of paper panels speaking to themes such as:

  • Alliance building and related political and policy analysis

  • Human rights and activism

  • Postcoloniality and global dynamics

  • Identities: Complexities, intersectionalities, communities, and divergences

  • Cultures, arts, and representations

  • Service provision, including healthcare, education, social work, and community safety

  • Policy making (including equality, diversity and inclusion, and sectors such as education, healthcare, and employment)

  • Law

  • Theory

The conference platform:

The conference platform will enable people to drop into panels and sessions that they are most interested in. Presentations will be pre-recorded so that if you want to see a presentation but the session is at an unsociable hour for you, you will still be able to access it.


Unfunded activist, ally or student: £10.00

University student (funded) or unfunded academic: £40.00

Funded academic or other professional: £100.00

Bursaries available for Intersex activists. Please complete form at:

Registration link:

Deadlines for registration:

Presenters: January 20th

Non-presenters: February 15th.

We hope that you can join us.

Thanks and kind regards,

The Centring Intersex Conference Team

[i] Unfortunately Morgan Holmes (Wilfrid Laurier University) cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

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