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The Hunger (Part 2) by Joanne Bugeja

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Torn between two loves,

caught in an odyssey of intrigue,

passion, lust, intoxicating love, deception and mystery,

Esteban found himself at a crossroads.

He loved Christoph with a furious passion that consumed him,

enslaved him, devoured his very essence.

Christoph was tall, dangerously dark,

his charcoal eyes burning a hole through Esteban’s soul.

On the other side of this deadly love triangle was Damien.

Esteban was irrevocably drawn to Damien’s piercing blue eyes,

modelesque physique, sensuous mouth and youthful beauty.

He longed to taste the sweet nectar of youth,

feel the energy and life force feeding his insatiable appetite.

His heart constricted with white hot pain at the

prospect of losing Christoph or Damien.

They were a part of him,

their names carved into his tortured soul.

His decision was final. He would marry Christoph in secret and

visit Damien’s bed‐chambers by nightfall.

He was overcome with a fervent desire

to sample the coveted blood of his beloved,

feel the hot sweet sensation of his young lovers’ blood

coursing through his veins,

their hearts beating harmoniously as one,

their bodies entwined in exquisite eternal damnation. 

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